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June 16, 2015

Healthy and Beautiful Smiles with Dental Hygiene Direct

Regular checkups and dental cleanings are a part of any good oral hygiene routine, and with Dental Hygiene Direct, we provide dental care services of the highest quality to ensure that our patients’ smiles stay healthy year after year.

Plaque is a soft and sticky film of bacteria that can build up on your teeth despite regular brushing and flossing. Because teeth are constantly bathed in saliva, which contains calcium and other substances to strengthen and protect teeth, tartar or calcium deposits can also build up over time. Dental cleanings work to remove both plaque and tartar from the teeth. If it is not removed and is allowed to accumulate, bacteria will be provided a perfect environment and thrive on the gums and teeth, which can cause cavities, infection and gum disease.
While good for maintaining oral health between dentist visits, at-home brushing and cleaning are not enough to make sure teeth stay clean; regular dental cleanings are required. At Dental Hygiene Direct, we can clean and polish your teeth, leaving the surface clean and smooth. The smoother the teeth, the more difficult it is for bacteria to stick to them and the more effective at-home brushing will be.

We recommend checkups and dental cleanings a minimum of every six months for optimum oral health. To schedule an appointment with Dental Hygiene Direct, call 714.292.3291. For more information, visit